Is Palladium DJ available on the date you need them?

A: Couples are booking us on average seven to fourteen months in advance for prime Saturdays.

Will Mark be our DJ?

A: Yes. Mark will be your DJ.


How long have you been DJing weddings?

A: Mark began his DJ career in 2018 training with one of the best-known and respected DJ companies in the Southeast.  He began Palladium DJ in 2021 upon moving to Kalamazoo, Michigan.

How many events/weddings do you do per year?

A: Palladium DJ averages 30-35 events per year.


Are weddings their main events or do they play at other events or clubs?

A: Weddings are 95% of our business.


Do they have another event the same day or weekend?

A: We don’t double-book dates. We have one wedding per day. There may or may not be an event the prior day before your wedding day.


How much time does the DJ need to setup and take down?

A: DJ arrives 3 hours before ceremony to set up.  On average, it’s a 45-minute teardown


What if my ceremony and reception are in different places?

 Quoted prices are for the ceremony and reception in the same venue with no layover between events. (example: 3:30 prelude, 4 pm ceremony, 4:30 cocktail hour, 5:30-10:30 dinner/dancing)

Additional costs for a different ceremony location and extended time between the ceremony and reception will apply.

What equipment does Palladium DJ use?

A: Mark mixes on a Pioneer DDJ-FLX10. It's neato. Virtual DJ software, and two 15-inch ElectroVoice PA Loudspeakers. They are supported with a 12-inch ElectroVoice subwoofer (concealed). Our lighting rig features four Chauvet DJ par-can lights with DMX Control that moves with the music. Our premium lighting includes four 150w moving head spotlights, a Chauvet Kinta special effects light, fog machine, and laser lights. Uplighting is Rockford Wedge Par Lights

Do you have a backup plan if the equipment doesn’t work when the reception starts?

A: YES! We carry a backup laptop, your music backed up on the hard drive and iPhone, and spare speakers when you purchase a ceremony/reception package. We pride ourselves on being able to deal with just about any technical concern other than power issues. Not to jinx us, but we have almost never had any technical issues. But when they arise, rest assured we’ve planned for it.


Do you offer other services such as video screens for a slideshow and lighting?

A: We do have a projector add on package that includes a screen if you need.  Our lighting has had some serious upgrades in 2023 with the addition of intelligent dmx lighting that is controlled by Mark as the music plays. He's not only mixing---he's running lights too! Depending on your space and dance floor, we can bring the right amount to fit our space and illuminate you on the dance floor. Can we bring the smoke machine?


What type of equipment does the DJ need the venue to provide?

110-volt regular AC power on a dedicated plug/breaker. A six-foot table is always helpful, (don't pay for it) though we bring our own just in case. For the ceremony, a small table is also helpful, though again, we also bring our own just in case.


What does the ceremony add-on package consist of?

The ceremony package comes with its own PA system for a ceremony location (on-site of reception) consisting of two 12" ALTO PA speakers on stands, a Yamaha mixer, and wireless lavalier microphones for the officiant and the groom. We can also provide up to two handheld mics for singers, readers, or musicians during your ceremony. We also prepare meticulously to execute your wedding music flawlessly when the moment comes. You only get one chance at it! We'll ask a lot of questions in our planning meeting. 

Has the DJ worked at your venue in the past? If not, will the DJ coordinate their needs with the venue?

Mark has only been DJing for a couple of years in West Michigan and has covered more than half the wedding venues in the area. We always reach out to the venue to discuss logistics and work hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth day.


How extensive is your music collection?

 Palladium DJ has over 15,000+ songs in our library. We also subscribe to DJ Record Pools, which offer us nearly every song and special remixes and radio-friendly edits good for public play for all ages. We also utilize other sources to get specialty music and take advantage of our couple's Spotify playlists for inspiration. 


What type of music genres do you specialize in?

Mark spent 15 years as an award-winning radio station programmer and on-air talent in Top 40, Rock, Classic Rock, and more. He has spent his entire life playing music for people and has a tale to tell about every song. 

He has the ability to help people groove from everything from The Beegees to Limp Bizkit, U2 to Lil' Uzi Vert, and beyond.  Yes, he can do all genres and audiences...but if you ask him, Mark wants to hit the club vibe quickly at your dance party with dance smashes from the last 20 years. 

He loves incorporating mixes of uptempo Hip Hop, R&B, Top 40, and classic hits, along with timeless favorites.  Mark will create an unforgettable night with broad appeal. Tailoring playlists to match each unique wedding is the norm, so let's collaborate!  (note: absence of mention of Country)


How do they keep their music collection current?

We subscribe to DJ record pools with the latest releases and remixes.


How does the DJ help you customize your song list?

We help you along the way with our incredible song idea generator. Sometimes you don’t know what song you want to dance to with your mom or make your grand entrance to. We have dozens of charts of our most popular wedding songs for any moment of the night.  We’ll always ask about your style and preferred genres and customize our dance playlist to cater to you and your guest’s tastes. No reception is alike!


Can couples provide their own playlist and a “do not” playlist?

A: Of course! We do not own a copy of the “Chicken Dance” and won’t play the “YMCA”. We want your input and your list of MUST PLAYS to build the music around. Mark encourages couples to remember they hired a professional who has mastered the ability to show people a good time. If you want to pick all the music, save your money, don't hire a DJ, and just use your iPhone w/Spotify!


Can they accommodate special song requests from guests?

A: DJ Discretion is the best advice. Some are good. Some...not so much. But if something is important to you or your family, make sure we know well in advance so we can make a moment out of it. 

Pro Tip: Ask for dance song requests on your invitations.


How do they get your guests dancing and excited?

 The first vibe and Mark's energy, when he opens the dance floor (with an unexpected classic), gets the party going quickly. We encourage all brides and grooms to be the first on their own dance floor and set the tone with their bridal party and family. In gorgeous weather, it's not unusual for a lot of folks to spend an hour or so outside as the sunsets on a beautiful Michigan day, and then return to the dance floor later. Mark always encourages the crowd to match his energy!


Can they give you a sample playlist of songs from a previous wedding?

A: If you would like. 


Does the DJ take breaks? If so, what happens during this time?

Mark takes a few moments to enjoy dinner while releasing tables if necessary. Occasional bathroom break during the dance portion and a stop at the bar for a Coke from time to time. 

Can the DJ act as an emcee announcing the wedding party, bouquet toss, first dance, and other announcements?

 This is part of what you’re paying for!. Mark is a 20-year radio and television broadcast veteran. His emcee skills and host duties will keep your guests informed and all announcements are professional and polished, as well as fun!

 He is a source of information for cocktail hour, a welcoming and high energy ring-master for intros and dinner hour festivities, and the fuel for a raging' dance floor in the evening. A great emcee is one of the most undervalued skills for a successful wedding, and Mark is simply the best. 

What do they wear?

Mark wears a suit for the evening. If it gets warm during the dance party, he tends to lose the jacket. 


Do you offer pricing packages?

We offer a five or six-hour reception performance which includes cocktail hour,dinner, and dancing. If your wedding guest count is over 125, we always suggest the six hour reception.  Need music and mics for the ceremony?  You can add the ceremony to any reception package. We also offer uplighting, photo booth, projection with screen, and a rehearsal dinner DJ setup if you need it.


Is breakdown and set up included in the cost?



What is the charge to play overtime?

$125 per hour. Not guaranteed if not established before we begin the day. Please don't ask when the night is ending. Your venue must approve. (usually, they are pretty strict about ending on time)


What is required for a deposit?

We require half the total upon signature of the contract. The remaining 50% is due 30 days out from your event. Venmo works best for payment.


What type of payment do you take – cash, check, credit card?

Palladium DJ accepts cash, check, or digital payment through Venmo or Paypal. Venmo is preferred.


What is Palladium DJ’s cancellation policy?

Deposit is non-refundable. If event is canceled less than 90 days before, full balance is due without a refund. The date can be moved to an available open date on Palladium DJ’s calendar. If date not available, the purchaser will still forfeit the deposit. A government-mandated emergency, death in the immediate family, can entitle the purchaser to a full refund. If Palladium DJ cannot perform at a contracted event, the couple is entitled to a full refund.


Are we required to provide the DJ a meal?

Yes. Our contract stipulates that we require a meal at dinnertime for the DJ and for any assistant he may have at the event. We do not drink alcohol at your event. We do enjoy water, soda, and coffee.


Does the DJ have insurance coverage?

Yes. Palladium DJ is insured by State Farm with over $1,000,000 in liability coverage. A copy of our insurance binder/rider for your venue is available upon request.


Can the DJ provide references?

Our reviews speak for themselves! But we do have several couples who’ve demanded that anyone who wants to speak with them regarding Palladium DJ’s exceptional service and performance can contact them via email.


How far in advance do you need to book Palladium DJ?

Occasionally, we have a weird opening on short notice in our schedule (so always ask!), but peak season Saturdays from May to November are usually booked about six to nine months out, and up to a year in advance.


When does the DJ need your final payment?

The final balance is due 30 days from the date of your event.